The Goal

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The basic summary of the book called 'The Goal' is the story of a plant manager trying to prevent the company from shutdown of the business in 3 months by using the TOC (Theory of Constraints).
In this book, the plant had a lot of serious problems; the delays on production and delivery, large quantity of raw materials, and finished products lead the plant to the flaw. In other words, the plant could not make any benefits. They could not produce the high quality products by using the amount of money that can be win the other competitors. In this situation, Alex Rogo, the plant manager, was told from his supervisor that if he does not improve the plant’s production and the profits, the plant will be closed in 3 months. Alex and his employees always tried their best in this situation but he did not have any idea of what to do. However, when he had a conversation with the physics professor Johna, who had taught Alex in the University before, at Chicago airport, Alex noticed that the main goal of the companies is to make wealth by producing products and services to the customers.

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      The Goal
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