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wal-mart 1




Business Policy
Wal-Mart Case
Industry nalysis ? nalyzing the Task Environment
nalyzing important stakeholder groups such as suppliers and customers in a particular
Corporation`s task environment.
Short History of Wal-Mart
Founded by Sam Walton. He was in business since 940 but in 962 decided to focus on low price-high quality discounter. His personal charisma, simple upbringing and a dedication towards hard work has made his business a success. He found a right market niche, also the main focus was customer oriented and employees were made to feel part of the team and called "associates" to make them feel part of the company and give them the drive for success. lso there is a scheme where employees get shares in the company. This was later copied by such giants as Microsoft. Wal-mart is the largest and most profitable retailer in the US.
2 Main Slogans of Corporate Strategy of Wal-Mart
a) Customers will be provided with what they want, when they want it and all at value
b) Treat each other as we would hope to be treated , acknowledge our total dependence on ssociate-partners (employees of the company) for our success.

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wal-mart 1