Molar Mass of a Volatile Liquid실험

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Molar Mass of a Volatile Liquid실험


【 Data analysis 】
【 Discussion 】
【 Reference 】


【 Discussion 】
-survey of Exp. Result
Actually, we experimented boiling point of sample A, octane. But this boiling point is very high,it`s boiling point is higher than boiling point of the water. So, we had some problem that the boiling point measure accurately.
Then, we change other sample, is hexane. It`s boiling point is lower than water boiling point. So we can measure this point easy. And after this experiment, I find hexane of boiling point. This is very close my measurement point. So I think this step perfect.
But, in my experiment existed the percent error. we experiment very carefully. However the error appeared. I think why the error is existed.
Then, I think that I have some mistake mass measurement stage, especially mass of flask and lid assembly with condensed sample.
We close small hole instantly when hexane evaporate. And I think that we waited enough time and pour cold water until hexane is devolatilized. But this mass may overweight than actually. I suppose I don`t dry cold water. So this mass is overweighted. And our average molar mass has some errors.

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      Molar Mass of a Volatile Liquid실험
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