A Child Called It by Dave Pelzer

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4. Discuss survival. In what way did David cope with the abuses? Can you say that the school authorities did their part in helping David? Is it justifiable for him to have ran away from home – away from his biological family?

David coped with the abuses by enduring and hoping. He was also clever to make decisions that will not make his mother angrier. When he was in the “gas chamber”, he tried to survive by breathing inside water. When he was not fed, he ate only in the morning.
I think that the school did their best to save him from the abuse. When they found out that David was not fed, they tried to give foods but this plan was not successful because the mother found out that he was fed. Later on, the school report this situation to the police and David was able to run away from the “hell”. If school did not do their job, David might have been died from the abuse.
It is justifiable for him to have ran away from home because his biological family did not do their job. They abused and tortured him. For example, when David ate the food from school, his mother asked him to throw up and eat the vomit. His father, looking at him, did nothing to stop it. His feeling to David was just compassion, not love. As a father, he must have been loved David unconditionally.

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    A Child Called It by Dave Pelzer