Lonely Planet Destination: Kathmandu

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Lonely Planet Destination: Kathmandu

Kathmandu is really two cities: a fabled capital of convivial pilgrims and carved
rose-brick temples; and a splenetic sprawl smothered in the pollution of diesel
fumes, dirt, monkeys and beggars. The sights are heavily clustered in the old part
of town from Kantipath west towards the Vishumati River. Creativity and patience
are required to navigate the city's narrow, often unmarked streets, but if you lose
your way, simply ask a passerby for directions.

Most of the budget accommodation is in the central locations of Thamel and, if
you're feeling nostalgic, Freak Street. Noticeboards at guesthouses have
information on everything from pack animals and porters to where to meet a
partner. For more expensive lodgings, you'll have to settle on a less convenient
location, although many of these out-of-the-way hotels offer a free bus service
into town. Cheap and amazing interpretations of inte
ational cuisine can be found
in Thamel.

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      Lonely Planet Destination: Kathmandu
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