Financial Analysis on the Policy Banks between South Korea and China: Comparison between Korea Development Bank and China Development Bank

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Policy bank is a kind of hybrid structure, which is combining the bank with government policy. There are Korea Development Bank in South Korea and China Development Bank in People’s Republic of China. Just after having undergone the Korean War and the Great Leap Forward Movement, both countries were almost starving to death. However, for the last several decades, the overall economy of Korea and China kept robustly growing and their Gross Domestic Product has already reached to globally high rank. How can this phenomenon take place only for such a short time?
Despite of their significant influence on national economy, both banks are not that famous to the public because they do not engage in commercial banking business in general. Instead, policy banks focus on the national agenda and mandates from the government. By comparing the financial statements of these two banks, this research will investigate the similarities and differences between these two banks.
As capitalism develops, its negative impact also appears. Market failure is one typical example. When all the players in the market try to maximize their own profits, many social problems will emerge and the sustainability of such society may suffer.
Why should we be interested in development banks? How are development banks different from other commercial banks? Do they have different business objectives, which may lead to different financial performance? How important is the role that development banks plays in the overall economy? Through this thesis, the answers will be revealed.


Chapter 1 Introduction
1.1Objective and Purpose
1.2Structure and Methodology

Chapter 2 Background of KDB and CDB
2.3Mandates and Strategical Roles
2.4Main Areas of Business
2.5International Credit Rating

Chapter 3 Analysis of Financial Statements on KDB and CDB
3.1Financial Position Analysis
3.2Profitability Analysis
3.3Asset Quality Analysis
3.4Capital Adequacy Analysis
3.5Funding Activity Analysis

Chapter 4 Comparison between Policy and Commercial Banks
4.1Summary of Financial Comparison
4.2Similarities between Policy and Commercial Banks
4.3Differences between Policy and Commercial Banks

Chapter 5 Conclusion and Recommendation



Chapter 1 Introduction

1.1 Objective and Purpose
Policy bank is a unique financial institution whose majority shareholder is the government of one country, with executing government policies in order to enhance the prosperity of the national economy and welfare of the nations. That is one reason why people sometimes call it a development bank. Chen Yuan, former Chairman of the CDB, once said that development banks have their own role in industrial policy as countries try to catch up to more developed countries. The United Kingdom, the first country to industrialize, did not require a development bank, as its process of industrialization was gradual. On the contrary, the rest of Europe did need it because of the necessity to develop transport and production facilities.
There are two different development banks between South Korea (hereinafter Korea) and People’s Republic of China (hereinafter China). They are Korea Development Bank (hereinafter KDB) in Korea and China Development Bank (hereinafter CDB) in China.

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    Financial Analysis on the Policy Banks between South Korea and China: Comparison between Korea Development Bank and China  Development Bank