Biomimetic - Special utility of ivy

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1. Introduction
2. Adhesive force mechanism of ivy
3. Properties of “glue”
4. New trial with special glue
5. Conclusions


1. Introduction
Studying biomimetic, I thought about perception to new approach to engineering problem or natural phenomenon. When I look around after learning this, all of thing was applied biomimetic. It was very new concepts but never repulsive. Already I knew about this unconscious. Now I realized surprise power of natural.
One more step, reading a book ‘Biomimicry’ by Janine Benyus, my values were changed and I have thought about value of different way to keep alive – sustainable life. And I want to share this creative thinking with other people through this word. As figuring out the ivy’s skill, we can think about its influences in our lives and us.
In this report, we will discuss how we apply biomimetic to Ivy and use this great material to get a new utility. First, we need to know the mechanism of the way ivy sticking on the wall. As growing adhesive muscles of ivy, we can find small and progressive change at the interface. From the small but intelligent plant, we can get many useful application and idea about new way of thinking.

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      상세우측 배너
      상세우측 배너
      Biomimetic - Special utility of ivy
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