The Flip Side Of Fair Trade Coffee

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Coffee is mostly produced by developing countries such as Brazil, Colombia, Indonesia and Mexico. It is big business for those countries, which yields the majority of foreign exchange earning and their national income mostly comes from such export earnings. However, cultivating coffee is a truly labor intensive work for the world’s 25 million coffee farmers, which guarantees relatively little financial income. Also, they have been vulnerable to high price volatility on the world coffee market. In order to help them escape from such struggles and to guarantee them a stable position in international trade, Fair trade system appeared in the coffee industry. According to FINE, the association of the four main fair trade organizations: Fairtrade Labelling Organization(FLO), the World Fair Trade Organization (WFTO), Network of European Worldshops (NEWS) and European Fair Trade Association (EETA),

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    The Flip Side Of Fair Trade Coffee