Sergio Mendes - History of Brazilian Music

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브라질의 음악가, Sergio Mendes에 관한 영문 에세이입니다. 미국 대학원생 수준이며, 세르지오 멘데스의 Biography 부터 음악계에 끼치고 있는 영향을 서술하고 있습니다.




Bandleader, Composer and Pianist Sergio Mendes has had a remarkable career at the forefront of the music industry performing his unique combination of Brazilian, jazz and pop for almost 50 years, since coming to prominence in the late 1960s with ‘Brazil 66’. He is an artistic innovator whose music implies a wide range of diverse cultures, from Brazilian music to American hip hop and is not afraid to collaborate with any artists, from Justin Timberlake to Gil Gilberto. On the other hand though, Mendes is often labeled as a non-serious artist because of his huge commercial successes. This essay will contend that he has succeeded in producing music that has high artistic values, while also attracting the public’s attention. Mendes’ background, career and an analysis of two of his recordings will be analyzed to highlight why he is a great collaborator and explorer as an artist.

Mendes was born and raised in Niteroi, Brazil in 1941. Trained as a classical musician in a local conservatory, he soon started working with his own group performing around the local venues .

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Sergio Mendes - History of Brazilian Music