Corporate Social Responsibility and corporate citizenship: differences and convergence of concepts CSR

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Corporate Social Responsibility and corporate citizenship: differences and convergence of concepts CSR
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I. The concept and application of CSR. Sustainable development.
II. Corporate citizenship. Stakeholder management
III. The correlation of CSR and business performance efficiency
IV. Prospects of CSR concept development


The concept of corporate social responsibility - CSR - exists for many years. In the 50-60-ies of the last century CSR firmly established in corporate governance in the United States and Canada. However, it mainly covered issues of corporate philanthropy, social security of company’ personnel, as well as assistance to local authorities on the basis of professional and sponsorship. This work was intertwined with the corporate functions of Public Relations - PR. In Europe, CSR was formalized at the Lisbon European Summit in March 2000, as well when the European Commission issued a so-called “Green Book on CSR” (July 2001) (Hermann, 2004, P.205).
The priorities of CSR use are environment protection activities and “sustainable development”. The impact of CSR on business attractiveness cannot be overestimated: the company may be attractive from the point of view of current profitability, but extremely unstable from the environmental and social standpoint.

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    Corporate Social Responsibility and corporate citizenship: differences and convergence of concepts CSR