ENGL 470 Discourse Analysis 1

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Discourse Analysis on Kung Fu Panda
In this paper, I am going to analyze approximately five minutes of a transcript in the beginning of the movie Kung fu Panda. I am going to use the methods of discourse analysis described in chapter 3 and 4 of Johnstone’s Discourse Analysis as well as disorientation elements stated in De Fina’s article, Crossing Borders.
The data I chose follows up with William Labov’s theory on narrative clauses. Labov states that any narrative includes at least two narrative clauses. It says “a clause cannot be moved without changing the order in which events must be taken to have occurred” (Johnstone 92). In fact, if the order of two narrative clauses is reversed, the story is affected as a result. For instance, Po’s dream must be introduced first in order to carry out his conversation with his father. If the film does not start with Po’s dream, the two characters have no reason to have the follow up conversation on

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      ENGL 470 Discourse Analysis 1
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