Health and safety in CSR

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Coporate social responsibility 기준에 의한
산업환경의 안전과 건강 (영문)




In contemporary society, corporate social responsibility (CSR) which has been in general circulation over the world has been the focus of many academic researches in various fields. Fundamental to the concept of corporate social responsibility refers to a form of corporate voluntary regulation integrated into a business model. In other word, CSR means that companies should take into account the social, ethical, and environmental effects of their activities on employees and community members around them. CSR deals with the way companies manage economic, social, and environmental impacts, as well as their relationships in the all ambit of influence: the workplace, the marketplace, the supply chain, the community. Thus, coporations would have responsibility for the consequences of their business activities on the environment aspects (e.g. water, air, wastes management), workplace aspects (e.g. health and safety, fair pay, family support), communities (e.g. charity, avoiding negative impacts), finanacial reporting and so forth. In 21st century, a number of companies affect and interact with stakeholders through CSR so it is considered as an important issue.

Although the two articles, Baram`s and Zwetsloot and Pot` are quite divergent in their approaches and overall perspectives on Health and safety in CSR, they address some similar areas. Both articles acknowledge that it is difficult to prevent health risks due to the unstable circumstance. Furthermore, all literatures refer that some companies start to consider new approach as a positive opportunity and CSR can prevent health risks and make business successful. Yet, despite these studies contribute to presence of health and safety in CSR, there are some questionable issues about real actions. These articles do not show what kinds of risks are occurred in real workplaces and frequency of major risks which provoke employers and employees` caution.
It can be seen that most companies consider their responsibility for the consequences of their business activities at workplaces and pay attention to health risk prevention regarding to CSR. However, in order for corporate

참고 자료


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Montero Maria Jose, Araque Rafael A., and Rey Juan Miguel (2009) ‘Occupational health and safety in the framework of corporate social responsibility’, Safety Science 47, 2009, pp. 1140-1145

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Health and safety in CSR