Report of Independent Counsel Starr

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Note: Some of the material in this report contains graphic descriptions of sexual encounters.

The content of the following materials are verbatim as forwarded by the Office of the Independent Counsel. The conversion to HTML has altered the pagination and format. The original Table of Contents is not provided.
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The full text of the White House Responses to the Starr Report is also available online and in
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ment Division of the Oklahoma Department of Libraries.

Chronology | Table of Names | Introduction | Narrative | Grounds | End Page

Table of Contents


Table of Names
The Principals
The First Family
Presidential Aides/Advisors/Assistants
Other White House Personnel
Department of Defense Employees
Monica Lewinsky's Friends/Family/Acquaintances
Monica Lewinsky's New York Employment Contacts
Secret Service
Lawyers and Judges
Foreign Dignitaries

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      Report of Independent Counsel Starr
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