[english speech] It’s real? No!

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Persuasive Speech Outline Guide

Title: It’s real? No!
Topic: Natural beauty should be protected by our self.
Thesis: Holding your natural beauty with confidence is more important to you because plastic surgery will bring many demerits such as paying lots of money and mental & physical problem..
Purpose: My purpose is to persuade my audience to concern about plastic surgery more seriously.
Audience Analysis: My audience for this speech is our COM 100 class.
A. General Mood: They don’t really need to do plastic surgery, but they hope do that if they have a chance, because everybody want to be good-looking, at present.
B. Attitude Toward Topic: They’ll be interested in my topic, plastic surgery, because it is social issue, also.
C. Verbal Considerations: My topic is medical part, so I need to say few specialty word of medicine.
D. Nonverbal Considerations: I’ll do natural gesture to appeal natural feeling.

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