survey of american student's computer uses

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it was report based on real survey of american students


5 survey questions and analysis
+ graph


The first question was “How many hours do you use the computer per day?” The chart 1 shows the hours of computer use per day. They use computers 3.33 hours per day on the average. 45% of the sample students use three to five hours each. And the one student replied that she usually used the computer over ten hours per day. It means that she uses the computer every time except sleeping time and class’s time. On the other hands, one person uses the computer less than one hour per day. She answered that she used the computer 2 or 3 hours per week. She is 32 years olds and she is not familiar with using computer. Also, I asked students about the log-on time, and the answers were same as the using the computer hours. Considering the average amount of time spent using the computer, I think that this amount of hours is less than Korean students’ amount of hours using the computer.
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      survey of american student's computer uses