Hamlet's Internalization of Disobedience

등록일 2003.05.11 한글 (hwp) | 1페이지 | 가격 300원




Hamlet and Horatio happened to hear the talk of two gravediggers about death. Hamlet thinks that authority became rubbish in front of death. He realizes that all kinds of people are equal in the grave. So I think the relationship between authority and death are equal to each other. While they were talking about death, a funeral procession enters a graveyard. Hamlet finds out that it's Ophelia's funeral ceremony. Her death was a shock to Hamlet. Claudius suggests Hamlet to have a dual with Laertes. This trial was a masked treachery that Claudius made for Hamlet. But Hamlet didn't notice it. Hamlet's internalization of disobedience affects Claudius to plot against Hamlet's life.

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