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영어로 작성한 레포트입니다.


1. What is the name of the state?
2. Where did it get its name?
3. Does it have a nickname?
4. Where is it? What are the bordering states?
5. What are the symbols of the states?
6. What is the population?
7. What are the main industries?
8. What are the major cities?
9. What is the capital?
10. Write a brief history of the state.
11. What are the tourist attractions?
12. What else do you want to say about this state?


Write a brief history of the state.
- Alabama was where many Indian tribes lived, but people immigrated from
Carolina, virgina, and Tennesse since 1800. While the civil war, Montogomery was the first capital of southern union, Mobille was port fortress of the southern union, and Selma was military commodities production place.
25,000 alabaman was died during the civil war and reconstruction is hard.
But financially, Alabama is one of the poor states and still has social discrimination.
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