Johnnie Cochran

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참고로 이것은 프리젠테이션(파워포인트)입니다.. 그래서 가격이 조금 비싼 이유입니다...
그리고 이것은 100% 영어로 되어있기 때문에.. 필요하신 분 다운 받으세요~~ 감사합니다~~^^


6.the latest news


His most noteworthy achievement is a decision of “not guilty” of ‘O.J.Simpson’
-Cochran’s successful defense of former football great O.J. Simpson against charges of murder in the televised trial was followed by million of Americans.

He is the author of “Journey to Justice,” an autobiography(1996), and “Last Man Standing: Tragedy and Triumphs of Geronimo Pratt,” the story of his 27-year battle to free the former Black Panther leader.
“Journey to Justice” was a fixture on a number of Best Seller Lists, including the New York Times, Washington Post, LA Times, Wall Street Journal and USA Today.
-Reading his autobiography is to drives a Rolls-Royce with the vanity plate “JC JR”
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