Barrons GRE VOCABULARY 33000

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1 abase lower;humiliate
2 abash embarrass
3 abdicate renounce;give up
4 abettor encourager
5 abeyance suspended action
6 abhor detest;hate
7 abjure renounce upon oath
8 ablution washing
9 abominate loathe;hate
10 aboriginal primitive;native
11 abortive fruitless
12 abrade wear away by rubbing
13 abrogate abolish
14 abscond depart and hide
15 absolve pardon
16 abstemious temperate
17 abstinence restraint from eating
18 abstruse obscure;profound
19 accelerate move faster
20 accessory additional object
21 acclivity sharp upslope
22 accolade award of merit
23 accomplice partner in crime
24 accord agreement
25 accost approach and speak
26 accoutre equip
27 accretion growth;increase
28 accrue 덧붙여 생기다.
29 acetic vinegary
30 acidulous slightly sour;sharp
31 acknowledge recognize;admit
32 acme top;pinnacle
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