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In this directory, you find additional "unsupported" components that you can import
into Java Studio and use them in your design. See online help on how to import the
components. Note some components do not have any online help. For some of these,
the help is provided in this file.


A Charting component from KL group. You can view your table output in various
formats such as pie, bar etc.. See online help for more info. Note: This component
works best with VJLiveTableT component also from KL. Occasionally, it also throws
some exceptions when you change bar style to pie style.


A Table component from KL group. You can view database query results by using
this component. WA
ING: Do not use insert and delete operations on DBAccess component
when using the data from this component as it may produce unexpected results.


This is a demo version of a spreadsheet-like table component from Argent Software.


If you are a Java Beans developer or user, then you find this component very
useful as it lets you open up many of the standard Java AWT events and bean
PropertyChangeEvent. Note the applet containing this component works only in
JDK1.1 enhanced browsers.


A component that implements standard Java Hash Table. A JDK 1.1 component.


A demo version of Instant Basic Script component. You can load or write Basic
script and have it integrated with the applet. IBS0.bas in this directory contains a
a sample Basic script. A JDK 1.1 component.


A component from our JohnnyBeans that lets you use cgi-bin script.


A component that provides useful constants such as newline, tab, PI etc..
A Component from our own JohnnyBeans..

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