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2.영문 자기소개서


I was born as the youngest child after my older brother in the family and have grown up with a motto living honestly, diligently, and sincerely. My parents have always told me that I should be honest, diligent, and polite to the old since I was young. Thanks to my parent’s discipline, I have been heard that I am diligent and polite often. I had lived only with my brother to go to a good elementary school in the city far from where my parents live and work as stock breeders in farms. Although it’s not easy to live without parents, but my brother and I helped each other, and I have become stronger, independent, and responsible. I have also become an active person unlike before and made lots of friends there. Now nobody calls me an introvert and I keep a good relationship with my friends. Sometimes ! I laugh too much, which annoys me. So I am trying to fix it by learning yoga.
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