Jacqueline, who is eternally memorized

등록일 2001.06.16 한글 (hwp) | 3페이지 | 가격 500원


In a certain coffee advertisement, male actor(Han suk ku) says to female actress(Sim eun ha) "Now, I am the man who accompanied queen." This advertising phrase imitated J. F. K.'s words when he visited France with Jacqueline. When this couple met the French, they were warmly welcomed, because Jacqueline was so exquisite to the French, even to De Gaulle. So, John said this famous expression. Until now, Jacqueline has been regarded as a respectable person of twenty century history. Her outstanding figure, fashion style, high status, etc could be some reason of that fact. However, at the same time she also was a common human being who had a fault and weak points. She was a mother of two children, she liked spending money for luxurious things and she feared and tired for her duty as a first lady..

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