Sound of voice/현대영문학

등록일 2001.06.16 한글 (hwp) | 4페이지 | 가격 400원


현대 영문학 시간에
위 제목의 연극대본을 가지고 쓴 레포트 입니다.


The sound of a voice
Tragic love story which caused
by differences between man and woman.


Before I read this play, I thought that "Romeo & Juliet" is the most tragic love story. They could not fulfill their love because of family background. They were enemy each other. That is external reason. But in the sound of a voice, they have more one. It is character's internal reason, even they knew that they fall in love. So conclusion is not happy ending. Because they have different kinds of love. They went to opposite way for love in spite of starting point was same line. So I think that man and woman can't be same in love. And I want to excess this situation in original way. It means that I only think about pure story of this.

First, I found external element of sad ending. Construction of this play is not normal. Their destiny is set as enemy. It is similar to "Romeo & Juliet". Man has fate to kill her whom he loves and woman fall in love with man who has to kill herself. They recognize each other this when they met first time. So man didn't ask woman why she live here alone, and woman also did not ask reason man visit here. Because they feel something. Maybe it is love. For example, in Scene 2 woman asked him where is destination of travel and he told her maybe she did not know there.
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