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"sentence-final ending" 검색결과 101-120 / 196건

  • 워드파일 Second Language Acquisition: What’s the Problem with Questions? Korean ESL Learners and the Wh-Question
    The students were allowed to rank the sentences one of four different scores: -2 for very wrong, -1 for ... or -ed ending always creates past tense, resulting in words like runned and haved as opposed to ran ... The students were instructed to listen to 89 English sentences and rate them according to how correct
    리포트 | 13페이지 | 3,400원 | 등록일 2012.03.24
  • 한글파일 Writing Fuctions
    In the beginning,...In the end,... 마지막으로,... In the end,... 2. ... (I'd maintain(that) S + V/ agriculture, as~ as, high-tech industry) ② 나는 그 사고가 횡단보도에서 발생했다고 강력히 주장했다. ... Finally,... ? 첫째로,... Firstly,... 둘째로,... Secondly,... 셋째로,... Thirdly,... 그리고 나서,...
    리포트 | 52페이지 | 3,000원 | 등록일 2011.07.08
  • 파일확장자 야구를 주제로한 영어발표자료(PPT)
    in the final by a score of 6-5 to win his first Derby in his second try. ... I chose and arranged some of them. But you have to pay attention two yellow colored sentences. ... They got big hits when they had to, and they held us at the end." NL manager Charlie Manuel said.
    리포트 | 11페이지 | 1,000원 | 등록일 2011.08.15
  • 한글파일 영어레포트 Epilogue for the Semester 영작
    Finally, ending a semester means starting a new semester at the same time. ... In fact, what I might have lacked is the self-confidence that I can do. ... The useful words and sentences in everyday life quenched my lost thirst for English.
    리포트 | 4페이지 | 2,000원 | 등록일 2011.06.30
  • 한글파일 알아두면 좋은 토막상식
    I wrote down her address in case I should forget it. 36. finally, at last, in the end, at the end ① 여러개 ... be late. ③ tell의 목적어로 a word, a name, a sentence, a phrase 등이 올 때는 tell을 쓰지 못한다. say를 쓴다. ... He's good-looking except when he smiles. ④ 동사 앞에도 except를 쓴다. 댓구를 이루는 것의 품사와 일치시킨다.
    리포트 | 20페이지 | 1,500원 | 등록일 2011.08.06
  • 한글파일 (영화감상문)뻐꾸기 둥지 위로 날아간 새
    Finally, he escapes with friend's soul. ... He believed that he'll be able to serve out the rest of his sentence in relative comfort and ease. ... At about moddle stages, an emergency meeting was held about send back at jail because McMurphy didn't
    리포트 | 4페이지 | 1,500원 | 등록일 2012.04.07
  • 한글파일 TG-pt1정답
    In general, only dynamic senses follow 'do' in a pseudo-cleft sentence. ? ... Seul-hee Lee 200800566 Kong-ju National University TG (chapter 1-3) Reading Material 0. stative vs. dynamic ... The particle of a phrasal verb is normally stressed, and in final position normally bears the nuclear
    리포트 | 2페이지 | 2,000원 | 등록일 2012.07.25
  • 워드파일 Hope Appeared in Poems of Langston Hughes
    Finally at the end of the poem the narrator shows his desire to become a “golden bird” which is an eternal ... sentences to him. ... lessons of the sages as he says to the sages to “be the singing-masters of my soul” in line 20.
    리포트 | 10페이지 | 2,500원 | 등록일 2012.03.04
  • 워드파일 Lesson plan of Sales
    of a desk and the sentence cards in red face down on the right side of the desk, taking turns, students ... Theme: Sales Function: Convincing Class Objectives: By the end of this class, students will be better ... Final Task: Students will convince people to buy their product.
    리포트 | 28페이지 | 2,500원 | 등록일 2012.10.10
  • 워드파일 영화 감상문, Pride and Prejudice, 영어 감상문
    It looks like just one sentence or few words, but it can represent the whole movie or symbolize something ... Finally, there are two versions of the movie. ... Actually, some people don’t like the ending of some movies, so they want to change it or sometimes evaluate
    리포트 | 2페이지 | 1,500원 | 등록일 2010.05.09
  • 워드파일 영화 감상문, I am Legend, 영어 감상문
    It looks like just one sentence or few words, but it can represent the whole movie or symbolize something ... Finally, there are two versions of the movie. ... Actually, some people don’t like the ending of some movies, so they want to change it or sometimes evaluate
    리포트 | 2페이지 | 1,500원 | 등록일 2010.05.09
  • 한글파일 굴절과 문법법주- 격조사와 어미
    종결어미 ① 정의: 한 문장이 끝나는 어미 ② 종결어미는 어말어미이면서 동시에 문말어미(sentence final ending)이다. ③ 문말어미: 문장 끝에 쓰이는 종결어미 ④ 상대경어법 ... 선어말어미(final ending) ① 정의: 그 뒤에 반드시 다른 어미(어말어미)가 와야만 하는 어미 ② 시제범주(시간적 위치를 구별해주는 문법 범주)를 나타냄 과거시제(-았/었- ... 어머니께서는 어디 다니-시-니? 2. 어말어미(prefinal ending): 그 어미로써 한 단어가 끝나는 어미 3.
    리포트 | 8페이지 | 2,000원 | 등록일 2012.02.23
  • 워드파일 What are the principles on which foreign language teaching is based? What are the justifications for them?
    Finally, repetition of sentences gives the students a sense of confidence because they feel that they ... practice, techniques to support learning (repetition), and pursuing continuous self-improvement by assessment ... Students might repeat sentences learned at the classroom but may not be able to use the words learned
    리포트 | 4페이지 | 1,000원 | 등록일 2010.09.09
  • 한글파일 comma의 용법
    Some say the world will end in ice, notbordinate) clause follows it (except for cases of extreme contrast ... They wished that warm weather would finally arrive. ... Does the sentence make sense if the adjectives are written with and between them?
    리포트 | 9페이지 | 1,500원 | 등록일 2010.11.27 | 수정일 2013.12.15
  • 워드파일 영어 에세이 - 영문법에 관한
    Finally, I would seek ways to deal with it, if it is worth studying. ... Knowing many exemplary sentences, the language in social context, will lead us to understand grammar ... Even though the age of reciting grammar rules ended, there are millions of people out there striving
    리포트 | 2페이지 | 1,000원 | 등록일 2010.12.23
  • 한글파일 향수
    He then approaches Jean-Baptiste, intent on delivering to him the death he had originally been sentenced ... to, but finally he succumbs to the power of the perfume and kneeling and sobbing, clutches at Jean-Baptiste ... He attempts to throw the unknown and unseen villain off the trail by sending his carriage off in one
    리포트 | 5페이지 | 2,000원 | 등록일 2010.10.31
  • 워드파일 Korean and Japanese: Similar but different
    If you ask a question, the sentence must end with the word “ka” in both languages. ... In English, the structure of the sentence is Subject-Verb-Object: “I (S) like (V) an apple (O)”. ... It is a little switched around in Korean and Japanese; their sentence structure is Subject-Object-Verb
    리포트 | 2페이지 | 1,000원 | 등록일 2009.11.15
  • 워드파일 narrative 영작문
    I ended up in Sydney and looked round many places such as Opera house and Darling harbour for four days ... Making topic sentences: I have got an unforgettable experience when I travelled in Australia last year ... Finally, I turned up that I had been naturally clean. It was really terrible and terrifying day.
    리포트 | 1페이지 | 1,000원 | 등록일 2010.06.17
  • 파일확장자 복권에 대한 영문글 분석
    Supporting sentences : Rest sentences in this paragraph - In 1999, a woman from California was ordered ... her divorce from her husband was finalized. - Under the state law, her spouse was entitled to half the ... Topic sentence : Being greedy is another way to invite trouble.
    리포트 | 4페이지 | 1,000원 | 등록일 2008.12.16
  • 한글파일 한국어와 영어에 있어서 음소, 음절구조, 강세, 역양, 리듬의 차이
    in non-initial position. 1.4 /s/ vs. /? ... and sentences may lack the vowel reduction necessary for English rhythm. 6. ... Korean students have difficulty with both initial and final consonants clusters.
    리포트 | 5페이지 | 1,000원 | 등록일 2011.04.19
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