[Final Essay / NTNU] Implicit and Explicit CSR(Corporation Social Responsibility)

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1. CSR Redefinition and Social Legitimacy
2. Distinction between implicit and explicit CSR
3. Institutional frameworks based on NBSs
4. Weakened Framework: European Explicit CSR
5. Why Explicit CSR Spreading to European Countries?
6. What drives explicit CSR is settled?
7. European Explicit CSR case: NORSOK standard and Norwegian Petroleum Industry
8. Korean Chaebol and their explicit CSR: Samsung’s Case
9. Conclusion
10. References


This essay contains how we explain the general transition from implicit to explicit corporation social responsibility (CSR) throughout the United States and European countries and typical distinctions of both implicit and explicit CSRs. From a specific case study, this essay examined how European explicit CSR is settled strategically in Norwegian oil and gas industry by referencing to NORSOK standard. In addition, the explication of the transition to the other parts of the world will be also discussed in the essay taking for one of “Chaebol” corporation’s case in South Korea as an example.

CSR Redefinition and Social Legitimacy
While it seems that more frequent fundamental discussions had been preceded regarding CSR before the millennium, for instance, how on earth a firm could have responsibility or how CSR is moral indeed (cf. Friedman, 1970, Carroll, 1991), CSR had been redefined due to globalization induced by internationalization, technological advancement and political liberalization (Woods, 2001, p.290)

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    [Final Essay / NTNU] Implicit and Explicit CSR(Corporation Social Responsibility)