Social Enterprise Business Plan

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Ⅰ. Overview
Ⅱ. Social Value Proposition
Ⅲ. Business Model
Ⅳ. Market and Environment Analysis
Ⅴ. Marketing Strategies
Ⅵ. Assessment of Needs
Ⅶ. Future Direction / Conclusion
Ⅷ. References


I. Overview
Los Angeles has the most chronically homeless residents in the United States. In the heart of downtown Los Angeles, Skid Row is an area where many homeless people reside in. Majority of the residents here have been homeless for quite a long time and it has been hard for them to get out of it. Drug addicts, ex-convicts, veterans, the unemployed, orphan, etc. all of these people are out here on the streets but food and shelter are limited. Many volunteer services and programs come out here to help these people by feeding them. However, none of them are attacking the core problem of this situation and seeing things only in the short-run. EastWest Eats is an American-Asian fusion cuisine restaurant with a social mission to help the homeless in Skid Row to become trained chefs. We provide free group therapy sessions for drug addicts and provide free meals every Sunday to those in need.
Our goal is to not only get people off the streets but also to develop Skid Row into a better neighborhood for everybody.

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