The Poem, 'Come into Animal Presence', exemplifies many of the broad aesthetic impulses of Postmodernism

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Concentration is key to unlocking the universe. As much a cliché as that is, Denise Levertov would probably have agreed with it. As a member of the Black Mountain Poets, Levertov was inspired by Charles Olson’s highly acclaimed essay “Projective Verse”, which explains in detail the theories behind his poetics. One idea in the essay that visibly influenced her works was the concept of viewing the self as an object, known as ‘objectism’. Levertov modified this idea and utilized it in writing her own poems; she suggested that poems come from what she calls ‘ecstatic attention’, a notion that implies absolute focus (concentration) on a single object while disregarding everything else including the self. While some may argue that this novel experiment with language corresponds with the Modernistic proclamation of ‘Make It New’, Levertov’s poems go beyond the convictions of the Modernists and enters into the realm of Postmodernism. Her poem, ‘Come into Animal Presence’, exemplifies many of the broad aesthetic values of Postmodernism: the abandoning of hope for human civilization, redefining of art, and belief in multiple realities.

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    The Poem, &#039;Come into Animal Presence&#039;, exemplifies many of the broad aesthetic impulses of Postmodernism