Gabrielle Roy의 WILHELM(빌헬름) 영어감상문

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줄거리요약, 등장인물, 주제 및 감상평


1. Plot summary

2. Characters
1) Wilhelm
2) 'I'
3) Maman
4) Kathleen
5) Elizabeth
6) Mrs. O'Neill
7) Gervais
8) Odette

3. Theme & My opinion


This story is about a girl(= 'I') who fell in love with foreign man. His name is Wilhelm and he came from Holland. 'I' met Wilhelm at O'Neills' house. Wilhelm was their boarder. He was a chemist in the employ of a small paint factory. He fell in love with 'I'. One day, 'I' played music at the O'Neills' house and Wilhelm played the violin. And then he showed 'I' an album scenes of his country. Then he had sent to 'I' from Holland a box of chocolates. One evening, Wilhelm took her home though it was only two steps away and darkness had not wholly fallen. He insisted that a man should not let a woman go home all alone. Her mother asked her about Wilhelm. 'I' told her mother that he came from Holland and all the rest of it. But her mother didn't let her see him so she forbade 'I' to return to the O'Neills.

<중 략>

He came from Holland and he took pride in his country and his family. He fell in love with 'I'. He is chivalrous, gentle and romantic. Also, he is clever and he has the courage to love. The following sentences show his character.

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      Gabrielle Roy의 WILHELM(빌헬름) 영어감상문
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