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1. Introduction
2. Variables Measurement of scale
3. Methodology
4. Comparisons
5. Results and Validation Ensemble model
6. Conclusions


Forecasting markets is highly important in making tactical moves and planning strategy against other competitive companies. In addition, forecasting can help a company to provide remarkable service to its customers.
This report indicates the predicted product, store and company level sales in week 26. The company needs to anticipate its week 26 sales to control its inventory and ensure customer service. Therefore, the report used a strong SAS tool (such as Miner, Guide) and Excel to collect predicted results based on simple formulas. However, the simple methods had a powerful prediction capability.
In SAS Miner, a wide range of nodes were used to forecast week 26 sales: ? Regression node had the highest errors among other predicted nodes. Predicted results that are gained through regression are not significantly correct when the results are compared to tracking real sales of week 26.
? Neural network node does not have significant errors in the predicted results when compared with the original training data.

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