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ACC 영문 Report
American Connector Company


Ⅰ. Summarize the case
1. Introduction ACC
2. The Electrical Connector Industry in the Early 1990s
3. Profile of DJC Corporation
4. The Kawasaki Plant
5. Profile of American Connector Company
6. The Sunnyvale Plant
7. The Options

Ⅱ. Study Question
1. Study Question 1
1) How serious is the threat of DJC to ACC?
2) How big are the cost differences between DJC`s plant and ACC`s Sunnyvale plant?
3) What accounts for these differences?
How much of the differences is inherent in the way each of the two companies compete?
How much is due strictly to differences in the efficiency of the operations?
4) What should ACC`s management at the Sunnyvale plant do?

2. Study Question 2


Ⅰ. Summarize the case

1. Introduction ACC
DJC Corporation of Japan had become a dominant supplier of electrical connectors
in Japan in recent years, after building what was rumored to be one of the most efficient connector plants in the world. However, despite its success in Japan, DJC was barely a contender in the U. S. market because the company had no plants in the U. S. and only a small sales force there.
There have been rumors the last few years that DJC would build a new plant here to launch an attack on the U. S. market. If DJC can operate a plant in U. S. like the one they have in Japan, ACC think DJC could quickly grab some market share here.
Vice President was concerned with the company`s connector plant in Sunnyvale, California since it had been struggling with a series of operating problems during the past year. Costs at Sunnyvale were increasing while quality seemed to be deteriorating. Now she wondered whether the DJC situation called for a completely new manufacturing strategy.

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      American Connector Company 6. The Sunnyvale ... American Connector were among the second ... . 5. Profile of American Connector
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