Good Night And Good Luck

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Good Night And Good Luck 이라는 영화를보고 쓴 비평문입니다. (참고로 영어로 쓴 것입니다) 영어로 비평을 쓰셔야할분들이 참고하면 좋으실 것 같구요. Good Night And Good Luck 은 미국에 유명했던 매카시의원과 기자인 에드워드 머로에 관한 사건을 기반으로 만든 영화로 언론윤리에 관한 고찰을 할 수 있게했던 영화입니다. 언론에 관련된 영화이므로 언론학과 관련된 과제에서도 유용하게 쓰실 것입니다. 좋은 성적받았던 레포트입니다!


1. Who is Edward R. Murrow and what is his legacy?
2. What are the subjective/objective issues raised in this movie?
3. Do you believe that Murrow`s crusade against MeCarthy was justified from a journalistic sense? Why or why not?
4. Present the case from McCarthy`s point of view. Was he unjustly persecuted?
5. Do you agree with the way CBS management dealt with Murrow? Why or why not?


1. Who is Edward R. Murrow and what is his legacy?
Edward R. Murrow is the reporter who went with historic moment in 20th century through radio and TV. He reported the Hitler`s annexation with Austria in 1938, Battle of Britain, The air raid of Pearl Harbor, The truth of Buchenwald (a concentration camp of the Nazis in German), and hostile relations between the Soviet Union and the United States of America.
His life as a famous reporter in the world was actually started by accident. It happened in 1939 in London, a place where the president of CBS, Williiam Paley, delegated Murrow as a special correspondent of Europe. That year, there was a big event, World War Ⅱ.
1951. `See It Now`. The date and the name of the program bring out the Murrow`s achievements related to social criticism and TV documentary system. Murrow as the master of the `See It Now` motivated the people to start against the instigation of a senator, Joseph McCarthy. McCarthy searched `Conspirators` of communism in the threatening way. Murrow and the producers of `See It Now` showed up hypocrisy of the senator. If Murrow didn`t attack him violently, McCarthy wouldn`t have stopped his activities like a witch-hunt with his own black list.

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