Gift from the past generation

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A Hindu will never eat beef because of his religious beliefs, and we can easily see Muslim Women wearing veils even though they are in a foreign country. Different people have different cultural values, and some people consider it very important. I appreciate the values of my culture very much. My culture made me able to become who I am at the present and they always guides me whenever I make personal decisions.
First of all, my culture values the importance of etiquette very much. I believe every Korean kid is taught to be polite to the others and show respects toward them. This is clearly shown in Korean language. Korean language has honorifics, this is a quite different way to talk to people and address them to show our respects. Also, there are many customs that young people have to keep up before the elders. For example, when young people have meals with the elders, young people cannot leave their seat before elders finish their meal. We also have to bow to greet someone who is older than us. When I was in high school, it was very normal to even bow to a person who is just a year older than me. I was always taught to respect the olds, and I think this is very unique thing about my culture. This made me always be careful in front of the others and care about the olds. By this way, I can also gain respect from the others and behave politely.

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    Gift from the past generation