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This page contains copies of some of the more relevant posts and emails I've written in response to demands that apeared in Usenet, soc.culture.nepal

Subject: General advices wjen Date: 24 Nov 95

This text gives some enphasis on trekking. This is mainly because the major
part of the requests I replied were related with it. Anyway, I think Nepal is much
worth even for a non-trekker. You don't need to trek to see the most beautiful
landscapes you ever imagine, although perhaps those places acessible only
trekking may be even more impressive.
The non-trekker can pass a real good time in Kathmandu and Pokhara (the
only towns I knew), even Kathmandu being disliked by much people because is
too crowded (with naturals and tourists also), polluted and dirty. After all, those
are common things in the 3rd World, and if we keep away from less clean places
we'd better go only to developped countries.
Nepalis are a wonderful persons. They don't hassle too much, they're kind and
they're honest, although it's wise to pay attention to the prices because some will
try to sell you things or services for exagerated prices. That was the only (little)
"dishonnesty" I found there.

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