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Christopher Columbus has been granted every honor since he
discovered the New World in 1492. But a group of college students in
America stood him on a trial. With our great surprise, he was sentenced to
death. The name of his crime is that he was an invader who destroyed the
Indian Culture.
We, living in all over the world, are tend to think of something in
very limited way which we lea
from each of our own society. So in the
long history of the world, there have been a great deal of troubles from
divided thoughts. In every form, as individuals, as a group, as a nation
troubles are happening all over the place. The human race has grown through
those troubles.
For a long time, with religious matters, the countries in East Asia
have not kept good relationships. Black and White, they don't seem to get
together easily. A few years ago, we were in serious danger of war from the
two ideals of the U.S.A. and the U.S.S.R. And a great numeber of people
died for their ideal and religion.

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