Displacement and Feature Valuation

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발행기관 : 한국현대언어학회 수록지정보 : 언어연구 / 22권 / 2호 / 81 ~ 104 페이지
저자명 : 이재철 ( Jae Cheol Lee )


영어 초록

This paper argues that there are two domains responsible for displacement and feature valuation, respectively; the EPP domain and the formal feature domain. The EPP that requires phonological features to be pied-piped with the category is strictly satisfied phase by phase in that the EPP crucially affects the determination of the word order. By contrast, the valuation of the formal features, which can be valued or checked in situ in probe-goal perspective (i.e., Agree Theory), does not influence the word order of syntactic objects. It will be claimed that the EPP domain be distinct from the formal feature checking domain. This claim may shed light on the conflict arising in both the multiple Spell-Out model and the single level model concerning the asymmetry between the licensing of a wh-in-situ and the extraction of a wh-phrase out of the Islands. (Daegu University)

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      Displacement and Feature Valuation
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