On the Linguistic Divergence between North and South Korea

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발행기관 : 국제비교한국학회 수록지정보 : Comparative Korean Studies / 11권 / 1호 / 1 ~ 14 페이지
저자명 : ( Jae Hoon Yeon ) , ( Jung Soo Mok )


영어 초록

There exists a large linguistic gap between South and North Korea as a result of a series of systematic innovations introduced into the North Korean language since the abolition of Chinese characters in 1949, and such innovations were motivated to a great extent by political as well as ideological considerations. In this paper, we will examine the linguistic policies implemented in North Korea and different language usages between North and South Korea. Although some differences are found in all the fields of morphology, syntax, phonetics, phonology and stylistics, both languages have a common phonological and grammatical structure and both people have no difficulties in communicating except a few different usage of vocabulary. Our conclusion is that the extent of differentiation can not reverse the belief of homogeneity of North and South Korean languages.

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      On the Linguistic Divergence between North and South Korea
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