The Law Clinics at SNU School of Law: A Laboratory for Pedagogical Entrepreneurialism

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발행기관 : 서울대학교 법학연구소 수록지정보 : Journal of Korean Law / 20권 / 1호
저자명 : ( Stephan Sonnenberg )

영어 초록

2021 marks ten years since Seoul National University School of Law (SNU Law) launched its law clinics. Such anniversaries present us with an occasion not only to celebrate how far we have come, but also with an opportunity to think strategically about the years ahead. This paper describes how SNU Law incrementally built and strengthened its clinical program, and how it managed within one decade to build one of Korea’s most dynamic clinical legal education (CLE) programs. SNU Law has embarked on a mission to host a diverse clinic, devoted to the promotion of a public service mindset among its students and faculty. SNU Law’s clinic is designed to make a positive social impact in the surrounding communities, and develop a uniquely Korean model of clinical legal education that other law schools in Korea can adopt and amend as they see fit. This paper also looks to the future to describe those constituencies and audiences that, in the opinion of the author, will likely prove to be the most directly relevant in the ability of the clinics to achieve this lofty vision.
This paper’s contribution is not primarily the description of a concrete and finalized outcome of SNU Law’s investments into CLE. Rather, it describes the process that SNU Law―and in particular its clinical faculty―are using to refine and improve the effectiveness of the clinics. By giving its clinicians a great deal of freedom to experiment with new and innovative teaching methods, SNU Law’s clinics are well placed to continue adapting and evolving to meet the needs of those who have the greatest interest in the clinic’s success. This is a story of how to build a dynamic clinic, and an invitation to other institutions to replicate not the exact form of SNU Law’s clinic (or any other clinic model one can choose from), but rather to emulate instead the process by which successful clinical programs are designed and refined. the lives of people with disabilities in South Korea.

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The Law Clinics at SNU School of Law: A Laboratory for Pedagogical Entrepreneurialism