A Mixed Methods Study of the Successful Aging of Older Adults in Korea

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발행기관 : 조선대학교 기초과학연구원 수록지정보 : 조선자연과학논문집 / 13권 / 2호 / 47 ~ 57 페이지
저자명 : Eun-Ha Kim,Kye-Ha Kim

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The purpose of this study was to understand experiences of successful aging of community-dwelling elderly living in the Korean community using mixed methods. This study is a mixed methods research using convergent parallel design. 483 elderly people living in the 2 cities were selected as subjects to collect quantitative data. For qualitative data collection, 6 elderly people participated. The level of successful aging for elderly people living at home scored an average of 4.30 ± .59 out of 5 points (4.46 ± .64 for self-efficacy, 4.31 ± .65 for good self-control, 4.29 ± .70 for satisfaction with children’s success, and 4.26 ± .61 for partnership with spouses). The main themes of successful aging derived by interview were as follows: 1) fulfill responsibilities of raising children as parents, 2) establish a stable life to overcome difficulties, 3) accept the body being different from the past, and 4) live in harmony with people around them. Based on these results, it is necessary to provide useful health care services that can be used in the local community and to provide service utilization information through various routes in order to achieve a successful aging.

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A Mixed Methods Study of the Successful Aging of Older Adults in Korea