SNS의 사회적자본이 건강정보 활용수준에 미치는 구조적 영향력

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발행기관 : 보건의료산업학회 수록지정보 : 보건의료산업학회지 / 14권 / 2호 / 1 ~ 14 페이지
저자명 : 박재성,김경나

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Objectives : The purpose of this study was to test fitness of the structured model of SNS activities for health information. Methods : A structured questionnaire were administered to 500 subjects. A structural equation model was applied to collected data. Results : The response rate was 73.9%. The respondents mostly used Facebook and KakaoStory. They spent 70 minutes per day and 21~30% of this usage was taken by health information. In the variances, those who has religion more actively exchanged information about diseases and medical institutions. The goodness-of-fit of the model was .81(GFI) and .90(CFI). The main path was bridging capital -> bonding capital -> credibility -> SNS activities for health information. The path from quality of sharing information to SNS activities was not significant. It could be explained by the restriction of digital literacy. Conclusions : SNS activities for health information were determined by credibility, currency and bonding social capital. Bridging social capital, indirectly, influenced SNS activities through bonding social capital. Thus building bonding social capital would be a critical success factor for SNS.

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SNS의 사회적자본이 건강정보 활용수준에 미치는 구조적 영향력