Developing a Guidebook for Teaching English in English

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발행기관 : 대한영어영문학회 수록지정보 : 영어영문학연구 / 36권 / 4호
저자명 : 강문구 ( Kang Mun Koo )

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Since the English education of South Korea nowadays raised the issue of Teaching English in English (TEE) back in 2008, there has been widespread reaction from in and out of the educational community. Critics argue that the current population of Korean English teachers is either unwilling or unable to carry out such a measure. Proponents say that teacher and student “discomfort” with English and the overall difficulty of the suggested plan are not reasons to dismiss or delay reform on such an important issue. Regardless of the debate, it seems clear that South Korean students, parents, businesses, and government leaders are all looking to improve the acquisition of English language skills in a country whose economic survival is tied so closely to Western culture and consumer trends. It is even more of a priority in light of documented deficiencies in speaking and listening skills as evidenced on South Korean TOEFL scores over the past few years. A thorough study of what TEE could actually bring to the Korean classroom seems necessary to clear up misconceptions and bring to a close the endless debates that only waste time, resources, and educational opportunity for the current and future generations of students. (Kongju National University)

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Developing a Guidebook for Teaching English in English