Explicit Listening Strategy Training for ELF Learners

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발행기관 : 아시아영어교육학회 수록지정보 : The Journal of Asia TEFL / 16권 / 3호 / 833 ~ 859 페이지
저자명 : Brett Milliner,Blagoja Dimoski

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Even though it is recognized as the macro-language skill most strongly correlated with the rapid development of foreign language skills, listening is reported to be the most under-researched and the most neglected by foreign language teachers. Motivated by our will to improve as L2 listening teachers, we embarked on an action research project aiming to develop a series of listening training approaches based on contemporary listening research. Focusing on a combination of metacognitive, top-down and bottom-up strategies, twelve English as a lingua franca-informed listening training activities were implemented at a private Japanese university. This paper provides a review of the listening training program for 147 Japanese students. It considers pre and post-program listening assessment, student perceptions of their self-efficacy as L2 listeners, teachers‟ observations and student reactions to the explicit training program. While the program was received favorably by students, as indicated by their positive stance towards listening and communicating in English at the end of the treatment, no improvement in listening test scores was observed.

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Explicit Listening Strategy Training for ELF Learners