P1-2 : Effects of High Electrical Conductivity of Different Sources of Potassium and Its Application Times on Cylindrical Paper Pot Trays Tomato Seedling

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발행기관 : 한국농업기계학회 수록지정보 : 한국농업기계학회 학술발표논문집 / 24권 / 1호
저자명 : ( Chan Xu ) , ( Hua Chen ) , ( Dong-cheol Jang ) , ( Il-seop Kim )

영어 초록

This research was aimed to evaluate and optimize the effects of high electrical conductivity of different sources of potassium to balance seedling quality and “insurance policy”. Plants accumulate intracellular potassium more than they actual growth demand are known as “luxury consumption”. This behavior is considered an insurance policy against sudden environmental stress because potassium ions on plants is not only related to growth and yield, but also affects resistance to almost all biotic and abiotic stresses. Tomato cultivar (Lycopercicum esculentum MILL) seedlings were cultivated in cylindrical paper pot and grown it 32-cell plug trays by plant factory (Ho Bam seedling Company, Chuncheon, Korea). Three or four leaves fully unfolded seedlings were used for treatments. They were sub-irrigated with different source of potassium (KCl, K<sub>2</sub>SO<sub>4</sub> and KH<sub>2</sub>PO<sub>4</sub>) nutrient solutions of high electrical conductivity (EC) (5 ds m<sup>-1</sup> and 10 ds m<sup>-1</sup>) once, twice and thrice, respectively. The growth indices and corresponding growth parameters were recorded and calculated to evaluate effects of high EC levels potassium salts on seedling growth. Remarkably, stem diameter was positively affected almost all treatments, particularly in KCl (10 ds m<sup>-1</sup>) one time application treatment, it was significantly increased. The highest stem diameter (5.57 mm) of tomato seedlings were recorded in this treatment which significantly increased by 21%, although other treatments showed slight increase in stem diameter compared to the control group. Leaf growth were significantly affected, although leaf numbers of seedlings were no difference but decline of relative chlorophyll contents (SPAD) was observed all kinds of the potassium salts treatments applied the salts more than one time, and the decreasing trend increases with the application times. Similarly, total dry mass decreased significantly in thrice applications of all the potassium salts treatments. In addition, the treated seedlings of three types of potassium salts with only one time application showed their relative growth rates (RGRs) similar to the control and corresponded to the net assimilate rates (NARs). But significant differences in RGR between different application times treatments were observed. Decrease in RGRs and NARs were shown in thrice application treatments of all kinds of potassium salts, however, leaf area ratios (LARs) were not affected. Tomato seedlings had health index (HI) significant higher than control after KCl (EC=10 ds m<sup>-1</sup>, one time) and KH2PO4 (EC=5 ds m<sup>-1</sup>, one time) treatments, but after more than one time application the health index of seedlings showed decrease trend in all kinds of EC value and potassium salts. Furthermore, Correlation coefficients (r) between growth indices manifesting tomato seedling quality showed the differential effect of the potassium salts applications. A highly-significant (significant at the 0.001 probability level) direct correlation was observed between all measured items for control and one time application treatments. However, the lowest correlations - non-significant or negative - were recorded for the twice or thrice application. The results showed that the growth balance of seedlings would be seriously affected by using high EC of potassium fertilizer more than once, due most likely to the adverse effects on seedling growth of high content of potassium salts remained in the root soil. But the increase in diameter and HI in KCl treatment indicating that it was more profitable sources both insurance strategy and seedling quality in this study.

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P1-2 : Effects of High Electrical Conductivity of Different Sources of Potassium and Its Application Times on Cylindrical Paper Pot Trays Tomato Seedling