Chaucer 시(詩)의 운율(韻律)

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발행기관 : 숭실대학교 인문과학연구소 수록지정보 : 인문학 연구 / 4권
저자명 : 金周賢 ( Joo Hyon Kim )

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What I attempt in his article about the metrical observation of Chaucer’s verse is to inquire into the principles of Chaucer’s metres and his various stanzaic forms.As to the principles of Chaucer’s metres, I try to ascertain his underlying principles of versification from the viewpoint that he must have followed a stress-system influenced by the native accentual metres. In order to do this, I examine his four-stress line and his .favorite five-stress line, and try to make it clear how his metres were fundamentally accen- tural in iambic patterns, and how fallacious many scholars are in their notions that Chaucer was much influenced by the syllabism of contemporary French and Italian verse.Further I make a survey of various stanzaic forms Chaucer used in his poems, and also I give an additional account of how Chaucer made use of alliteration as an artistic device here and there in his work, even though he seemed to have disfavored alliteration by making his Parson speak disapprovingly of alliteration as rum ram ruf.The contents of the article are as follows:1) Chaucer’s metres and stress-system2) Chaucer’s four-stress line and five-stress line3) Chaucer’s technique of versification4) Various stanzaic forms used in Chaucer’s poems5) Chaucer and Alliteration

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Chaucer 시(詩)의 운율(韻律)