Assisting children with special needs

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저자명 : ( Nithya Maheswaran )


영어 초록

When considering assisting children with special needs, there are several important factors that need to be attended to, in order to have a successful impact on the child’s progress. When considering a controlled environment such as a school, the importance of thorough assessment of the child should be emphasized. Every child has unique needs and it is our role as an educator to be able to identify the specific needs and be able to incorporate that within the plan of study and training that the child will receive. Likewise, parental training is something that has equal impact on the child’s progress and is often a common subject that is overlooked by several educators. It is crucial to realize that the child spends more than 75% of the day away from school, and therefore in order to be able to see visible progress, the child should be constantly exposed to a learning environment. I will be discussing both these factors in detail using case studies from my institution, and will attempt to highlight the importance of thorough assessment and parental training when considering the education of a special child.

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      Assisting children with special needs
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