Tongue pressure measurement and trainer development

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발행기관 : 한국감성과학회 수록지정보 : 한국감성과학회 국제학술대회(ICES) / 2017권
저자명 : ( Hyukju Lee ) , ( Sooncheon Lee ) , ( Seungyeon Kim ) , ( Rea Mun ) , ( Yunhui Park ) , ( Youngsik Won ) , ( Kyeho Kim )

영어 초록

Swallowing is the process of sending food from the mouth to the stomach. A problem in this process is called swallowing disorder. It is caused by various causes such as nervous system diseases, structural problems, and mental problems. Swallowing disorders occur in 32% of inpatients in rehabilitation medicine and are a common problem with 50 to 75% of stroke patients. The biggest problem with swallowing disorders is that they cause serious complications. Aspiration pneumonia, dehydration, and malnutrition. Among them, aspiration pneumonia is a serious complication that causes food to enter the lungs during swallowing and cause the patient to die. However, until now, rehabilitation of the tongue function has become non-standardized, and it is a reality that the initial state of the patient and the state of improvement were depended on the visual and intuition of the therapist. To overcome these shortcomings, I developed a tool in the US called the Iowa oral performance instrument (IOPI) to measure intraoral pressure. IOPI is designed to provide more objective treatment because it can make accurate measurements. However, it is difficult for patients to feedback because the numerical value is represented by light and numbers, and the therapists must calculate the numbers necessary for rehabilitation. , There was a disadvantage that it was impossible to check the progress record. To overcome these problems, we developed a tongue-pressure measuring and treatment machine. Tongue - Pressure measurement and treatment device uses Bluetooth to measure the pressure produced by the tongue in the oral cavity in conjunction with an Android smartphone or tablet, and provides various therapeutic training through measured values. The training mode is based on the previous article and is a game that you can enjoy watching the screen with fun. You can also see the results in a graph for easy viewing at a glance. Based on this, we conducted "Effects of tongue strength training using biofeedback on swallowing ability, tongue strength, and quality of life in stroke patients with dysphagia" research using a tongue-pressure measuring trainer. Four-week training has shown improved tongue pressure, swallowing ability, and quality of life. As shown above, tongue pressure training treatment improves the tongue function of patients with swallowing disorder, and improves overall swallowing ability and can change the quality of life. The tongue training trainer will help you with rehabilitation more accurate, systematic, easy and interesting, through biofeedback tongue training.

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Tongue pressure measurement and trainer development