Towards Reinterpretation of Korean Living Behavior

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발행기관 : 과학문화전시디자인연구소 수록지정보 : 한국과학예술포럼 / 27권
저자명 : Jun, Kye Han, Choi, Kyung Ran


Ⅰ. Introduction & Aims
Ⅱ. Design Concept
Ⅲ. User Research
Ⅳ. Design Approach
Ⅴ. Design Result
Ⅵ. Conclusion

영어 초록

This paper aims to approach a spatial furniture for sedentary lifestyle which been has derived and evolved from Korea"s traditional ‘Ondol’ heating system. In this living culture, people has been staid on the floor where people would sit directly on without furniture such as chair and bed. With every changing technological advances, sedentary life culture is transformed and mixed instead of sedentary habit. Most of people lived in western house such as apartment forms. As time go by, western furnitures were used became widespread. However, during the process, it impossible to acclimate ourselves to the new lifestyle such as chair, bed etc. This leads to users feeling uncomfortable on certain points.
The researcher suggests a spatial furniture through a new approach to rest-taking that also intersects the cultures of East and West while resolving the a fore-mentioned issues. The study is conducted as follows.
Firstly, issues are discovered through a user"s lifestyle to exist usage and interplay of house and furniture. Furthermore, the issues was not a fragmentary thing but more related to a culture and a coustom of long standing.
Secondly, a design experiment is conducted to conclude a new form and function that is better fit for the Korean culture where sitting on the floor is the norm. New direction for space that intersects the cultures of the East and West while using modules made convenient for contemporary life is presented.
Finally, this study is meaningful in that it reinterprets furniture used for rest within the context of sedentary culture, in order to propose a new direction and value for design that overcomes the boundaries between eastern and western applied to resting space.

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      상세우측 배너
      Towards Reinterpretation of Korean Living Behavior
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