The Case of Correlatives

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발행기관 : 세종대학교 언어연구소 수록지정보 : Journal of Universal Language / 12권 / 2호
저자명 : Federico Gobbo


1. Introduction
2. Correlatives in Natural Languages
3. Correlatives in Volapuk and its Daughters
4. Correlatives in Esperanto and its Daughters
5. Correlatives in Romance IALs
6. Correlatives in Fictional Languages: The Cases of Klingon and Na’vi
7. Conclusions

영어 초록

Since the publication of Volapuk, the most important functional and deictic words present in grammar-interrogative, relative and demonstrative pronouns, and adjectives among others-have been described in planned grammars in a series or a table, namely “correlatives,” showing a considerable level of regularity. This article compares the degree of regularity in the correlatives series of International Auxiliary Languages (IALs) with the correlative series of natural languages of the world-e.g., with a special attention English, French, German, and Latin, i.e., the languages that influenced directly the most important IALs, from Volapuk (1879) to IALA’s Interlingua (1951). Moreover, some examples in languages not belonging to the Standard Average European (SAE) sprachbund are presented for control. Finally, the correlatives of Klingon and Na’vi, two languages planned in recent times, not for auxiliary but for fictional purposes, are presented by contrast. The main result of this comparison is that, in the case of correlatives, some natural languages are surprisingly far more regular than their planned daughters, in spite of the fact that regularity was a major claim of the efforts in planning IALs during the late XIX and early XX centuries in Europe.

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      The Case of Correlatives
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