Illustrations of Imaginary Creatures from “The Classic of the Great Wilderness”(山海經)as Source of Inspiration

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발행기관 : 한국디자인트렌드학회 수록지정보 : 한국디자인포럼 / 54권 / 7 ~ 16 페이지
저자명 : Yuxiao Dong,Chang, Juyoung

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Background This study primarily discusses the imaginary creatures and their illustrations found within the ancient Chinese book, “The Classic of the Great Wilderness (山海經)”. The main goal of this paper is to raise the people's attention and understanding of "The Classic of the Great Wilderness". The purpose is to explore the value of this book and investigate its potential of application to contemporary design. Methods Three methods are used for this analysis. Literature research: Thoroughly analyzing "The Classic of the Great Wilderness" to achieve a comprehensive and detailed understanding, the paper analyzes the cultural characteristics and artistic features of traditional artistic images within the book. Character Analysis: This paper selects several representative images of interest, such as Gumiho, Emperor Jiang and tries to find similarities in the creative process of imagining these creatures. Comparative Research: by comparing the creatures image in“The Classic of the Great Wilderness”and the creatures in the film “Monster Hunt”and "monsters University". The similarities and differences are analyzed in order to inherit and develop the traditional culture. Result Although "The Classic of the Great Wilderness" was written many years before “Monster Hunt”and "Monster University" was created, similarities in design strongly connect the movie and the book. We can observe the extension of imagination from "The Classic of the Great Wilderness"” to “Monster Hunt.”and "Monster University". Conclusion Design consists of traditional and cultural elements. An important traditional book such as “The Classic of the Great Wilderness”is a priceless source for creating contemporary designs and a valuable source of inspiration. The mismatching of body parts, limbs and organs to creates monsters seems to be a universal cultural practice that has been going on since the ancient times. Discovering the book as a hidden creative gem from tradition can help us innovate. A close correlation exists between valuable cultural heritage and innovation.

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Illustrations of Imaginary Creatures from “The Classic of the Great Wilderness”(山海經)as Source of Inspiration