Comparison of Art Theories of Oscar Wilde and Virginia Woolf

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발행기관 : 신영어영문학회 수록지정보 : 신영어영문학 / 66권
저자명 : Lee, Soon-Ku


I. Introduction
II . Wilde’s Aesthetic Theories: “Art for Art’s Sake”
III . Woolf’s Modernist Art Theory
IV. Conclusion
Works Cited

영어 초록

Little critical attention has been paid to similarities between Virginia Woolf and Oscar Wilde in their critical art theories. This paper analyzes some essays of Wilde and Woolf and aims at revealing similarities and common traits between the two figures as literary critics. Furthermore it also attempts to find the continuity in the aestheticism at the end of 19th-century and modernism at the beginning of the 20th-century. Wilde’s revolutionary ideas about literature at the turn of the century, or the “art for art’s sake” theory, had to be silenced because it was judged too dangerous for the health of the nation. Nevertheless, his rebellion as an artist appeared in a more innovative form in Woolf, who was one of the modernist writers of the early 20th-century. Under this assumption this paper analyzes and compares the art theories in certain essays from Wilde’s Intentions and Woolf’s essay books.

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      Comparison of Art Theories of Oscar Wilde and Virginia Woolf
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