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The subject of postmodern tragedy and religion will be well discussed in terms of romantic pragmatism. In this paper, the romantic sense signifies postmodern pleasure, while the pragmatic sense reserves modernistic signification. In other words, the ultimate desire of the self should be realized in the world of life. This assumes that the self feels a crisis when it is not satisfying in the world, then desire will move toward satisfaction. Here, language will be a means of telling such experience, containing human desire and worldly symbols. So, romantic pragmatism looks as though it is seeking a comic sense of postmodernism, but it paradoxically preserves a tragic sense of modernism. For romantic pragmatism shows a transcendent spirit which is trying to get over the tragedy of the world. Religion is here shaped as a new form. The religious form is the spiritual experience of transcendence getting through such worldly tragedy. Also, it seeks a self-freedom to be achieved in the world and also a positive reaction to the world. First of ail, romantic transcendence is not just to avoid tragedy in that it transcends tragic experience in real life, but it receives a sense of pragmatism. This is to say that such a pragmatic attitude experiences tragedy as a power to change it in society. Here, romantic transcendence signifies religious experience, that is, human sublime and pious life experience. This paper aims to show the justification of tragedy to be able to express seriousness and tension in postmodern life by putting subliming materialism, postmodern pleasure and its sensibility into religiousness.

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